Thursday, 3 December 2015

Point 26- Narative Theories

Vladimir Propp stated that in most films and stories there are 6 main characters, The Villain, The Dispatcher, The Donner, The Helper, The Princess and The Hero. I am going to state what these are and the explain who they would be in our film.

The Villain- is the character who struggles against the hero in our film this will be the parents.

The Dispatcher- The character who invites the hero to eliminate the evil. Fame will be the dispatcher in our story.

The Donner- The character who offers some sort of help to the hero by providing an object(s) that will help the hero in his/her quest. The donor will also be the parents as they will provide the money for their leap to fame.

 The Helper-The character who helps the hero fight against evil. The helper will be the first record label who sign them.

The Princess- The character who needs to be rescued from the evil villain. We will technically not have a princess in our story.

The Hero- The character who eliminates the villain and weds the princess. Our hero(s) will be the homeless boy and the wealthy boy.

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