Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Point 25- Film synopsis

The story of our film is going to be based around two characters who are from very different backgrounds. We will be introduced to our first character who is a homeless teenager and who has been on the streets for years. We will observe this character in the street with his guitar and we see he has great talent. However, the people in the film will not notice his talent and he will be ignored.
We will then meet our next character who is a teenager from a wealthy background. He has been getting musical lessons for years and is extremely good at music on every instrument you could possibly think of. However, this boy does not like the music which he is taught (classical music and choir singing) and he realises his love for rap. This is disapproved by his family and this forces him to run away for a night.
It is only when this boy is walking down the street after running away that he hears somebody playing a guitar. The guitar is so catchy and this boy has goes to pursue this music. He meets our first character and they begin to jam together. Its at this moment they realise they both have incredible musical capabilities.
They begin to meet up more and play music together. One day the homeless boy goes round to the wealthy boys house. The parents come home and kick the homeless boy out of the house and tell their son that they never want him to come round again. Its at this point the wealthy boy rebels again and runs away, this time for good. The two boys begin t0 pursue their musical dreams trying to get signed but have no luck. They boy get involved in drug use and have a major down for a part of the film.
They then get noticed by a minor music label and they get signed. People begin to notice their talent however they do not have the money to back themselves up. At this point, the parents of the wealthy boy apologise and tell them that they want to back them up. The rest of the film is the two boys passing up the ranks in music becoming more and more popular. By the end of the movie, the two boys are a well known duo who are popular at festivals and concerts.

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