Saturday, 16 January 2016

Point 35 Plan

The plan for our short film is to have someone acting a homeless person sat on some steps or just on the ground playing a guitar well. Then, we will have someone who is quite wealthy and can sing very well. He sings in choirs and plays classical music. The wealthy boy then runs away from home and comes across the homeless person in the street, who is playing his guitar. The wealthy boy and the homeless person eventually come together and start making music on the street. Pedestrians stop and listen to the music and really like it.  The two musicians become close friends and decide to try and get signed, but have no luck. They go through a lot together, such as heavy drug use, but they still carry on making music together, until they are noticed by a minor music label. The wealthy boy manages to persuade his parents to give them a start-up fund so that they can make it big in the music world. Eventually, the boys make it big and play music everywhere, including some very well-known festivals.
  1. Blanket.
  2. Ragged, dirty, homeless clothes.
  3. Guitar.
  4. Cash.
  5. Replica drugs (flower, paper cigarettes etc.)
  6. Cup with a few coins.
  7. Expensive clothes.
  8. Blank CD’s.
  9. Microphone.

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