Friday, 15 January 2016

Point 34 Casting Shots

We have chosen these four people to be certain characters in our film. The man on the left is Mr McNeil, he will be acting the wealthy parent of the boy second from the left, Tommy Chadwick. Tommy is acting a young wealthy boy, who is very musically talented. The boy in the picture second from the right is Pie Borderie, he will be acting the homeless boy. And the woman in the far right picture is Mrs McNeil, she will be acting the wealthy mother of the wealthy son and is married to the wealthy man in the left picture.
We chose Mr and Mrs McNeil to be the wealthy parents because they are very capable actors and they both look slightly like Tommy, who will be acting their son.
We chose Tommy to be the wealthy boy because he is also a good actor and he can also sing and play the guitar well.
Pie was chosen as he too, is a good actor with a good singing voice. He can also play the guitar well.

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