Thursday, 19 November 2015

Point 21 & 22 The Institutions for our Film and their Idents

The companies that we are going to use for exhibiting, production and distribution of our film are going to be either UK based or a company that works with independent films.

to produce our film we are going to use a UK based company Called Film4 Productions. It produced the independent film Four Lions, which is a British Dark Company.

The type of company that would distribute independent film about music which is similar to our film would be Fox Searchlight Pictures, this is a American producer for independent films. They distributed and produced the film Juno, and they are a branch of 20th Century Fox, this show that we should use Fox Searchlight Pictures for distribution .

We will exhibit our film at the Sundance Film Festival. this is a popular place to exhibit independent films a well know films like Napoleon Dynamite and Reservoir dogs. We can also consider getting Netflix to exhibit our films as well, because the website is used my a mass of people.

Production- Film4 Productions
Distribution- Fox Searchlight
Exhibit- Sundance Film Festival/ Netflix

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