Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Opening scene analyzation Point 14

At the opening scene of Pulp Fiction there is a man and woman sitting in a caffe having breakfast and coffee and discussing, the man has a cigarette in his hand and hiss feet up on the chair looking confident. the lady is siting neatly opposite him. The camera angle is a long shot so that they can get both of them in the shot and the table. We know that they are in a caffe because of the props that they have used such as the table and seats are stereotypical of what you would find in a caffe and sources, salt and pepper, sugar, plates and coffee cups on the table. The sound also shows that the are in a caffe because of the catering of cutlery the talking of people and the distant sound of music in the background. 35 seconds into the clip a waitress comes over and there is an close up on her face at a low angle to show what the man and woman would see as they look at her, she asks if they want anymore coffee, she is wearing an apron which also setts the scene of being in a coffee shop and then leaves at 44 seconds and goes back to the shot at the start. At 58 seconds the camera angle changes to a mid shot of to what the man would be seeing when he is looking at the girl opposite. And soon after it changes angle again at 1:02min, this is of over the shoulder of the girl looking at the man. At 1:10min it goes back to the view of what the man is seeing when looking at the woman opposite. It then goes back to the shot Originally they are doing this to keep the viewer still focused on the scene and when changing the camera it causes the viewer to be more engaged in the film. 

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