Friday, 11 March 2016

Evaluation Point 1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

There are 9 screen shots of our film including:
The title
The setting
Camera work and editing
Font and Style
Genre /Suggestions of genre
Special FX

This is the title of our film and we chose to present it in this way as it fits in with the indie, retro feel of our film…the peeling paint of the wall and the muted colours. The bold font, use of capitals and white colour all make the words of the title stand out and easy to read. The viewer will realise immediately that ‘THESE STREETS’ is our film title.

The setting of our film is a town and this shot show the skyline of an urban area. There is no great detail shown but the viewer will realise that it could be anywhere and that what happened in our film could take place in any town or city.

This third shot show a homeless youth. I chose it because it illustrates all the misery of life on the streets. The costume is carefully selected and is fairly stereotypical…the hat, the inadequate clothing and a rug for warmth. He is sitting on a newspaper with a cup to collect money for his guitar playing and instead of a sign asking for money, we put the costume designer’s name on it.

The fourth shot is for extra effect and is a high angle camera shot. It shows someone about the same age as the homeless boy giving him money.  It is effective because it shows the contrast between them, in clothing and circumstances.

The fifth shot tells a different  part of the story……….

The sixth shot is important because it show more contact between the boys and hints at the importance of music to them both and to the genre of the film. The prop of the guitar is important as the poorer boy is handing it over to the other to look at it or play it. This shows that they are having more contact, through music and may even become friends.

This shot shows one of the main characters and also his name. It is a low angle shot which is in contrast to most of the shots and also gives an idea of what the view of life is like from the homeless boy’s perspective.

The last shots show the use of some special effects. We used overlapping of a scene from a festival crowd onto a shot of the wealthier boy going down a rather grand staircase. We also used a loud voiceover and the combination of screaming noise and busy scene is effective in catching the audience’s attention.

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